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    Tape a #Youth #Pastor to the wall for #romanceyourcity. #weareconnection Second Half @connection3855 tonight.  Listening to @andy_stanley teach "In the meantime." #weareconnection Happy Birthday to our Lead Pastor Rocky Barra! #tbt #celebrate Have you checked out Linc on Wednesday Nights yet? 7pm #weareconnection Believe is an incredible weekend long event for our middle schoolers. It challenges students to take the next step in their faith or their first! Want to sign up? Visit our website under students or sign up on our app! We had an awesome Easter but we are pumped for this Sunday's new Series, "5 ways to wreck your life" What awesome Easter services we had yesterday! Don't forget to come check us out next week! #snapchatfilter Our Snapchat Filter is ready to go this morning at Connection! Don't forget to use the filter and send it to your friends! You can add Under1 @u1_students and you can add one of our Pastors at @coondogiedog /// See you all at 8:30 /// 10 /// 11:30 Join us for three services tomorrow Easter Sunday! #easter2016 #church We have two Good Friday services at Connection Church tomorrow. 1pm & 7pm All are welcome. #weareconnection #easter2016
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Good Friday & Easter Services @ Connection!


Good Friday Services at Connection

Good Friday Services

God’s Not Dead!

Free Movie Night

Top 10 Reasons

From Experience Connection Lunch

Preaching- it’s practical

Worship Music

Over all ambiance

People are very friendly

Rocky’s an old High School friend:)

For a big place, everyone is really friendly

My 13 yr old loves the YOUTH program

Single’s Service on Saturday Nights

Modern Connection – I can use this knowledge every day

People have freedom to worship however they’d like

Not for our glory but as a welcome mat for people to meet Jesus.   

World’s Greatest Picnic! Sunday, August 31st 1pm – 4pm

World's Greatest Picnic (1)Be sure to pick up your winning ticket after Sunday Service in the mallway!


World’s Greatest Picnic: Elsa & Tink will be there!

PICS with Princess

Global Leadership Summit @ Connection

Leadership Summit


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