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Connection Church Picnic!

We have been hoppin’ busy around the office this week getting ready for our annual Church Picnic.   Quite frankly (sorry for the bun…I mean pun…) where else can you go and get 900 hotdogs for lunch?    This Sunday at 1pm – Heritage Park in Canton, Michigan will be the coolest place to be.     If you still are wondering …”Why should I come to the picnic?”   Wonder no more.  Here are some friends to share why…


3 Responses

  1. lol! i loooove it! esp. the outtake at the very end!

  2. That was a fun video 🙂 But I’m not coming. I’ll be on my way to Mickey MOUUUUSEEE.

  3. DUDE….the church picnic IS awesome. If I had a super fast plane, I would fly over just for the picnic. 🙂 Unfortunately, Northwest airlines feels its necessary to take 7 1/2 hours to fly from London to Detroit so I won’t be able to make it. I’ll MISS it though 😦

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