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iconnect: Small Groups @ Connection Church

I am so excited…this blog is starting to really take shape.  When we launched just a few months ago our hope was that this blog would show what connection looks like– not just from our perch but from yours!   That is really starting to happen – and we love it!!  Keep it coming, iconnectors!!

We’ve heard from ANOTHER small group,  Brett & Jolene Royer host a group in their home and Iconnector, Diane Van Wasshnova, sent in this pic of their group.   Thanks, Diane!!

Those connecting to friends and God through this small group are:  Sam Viswanathan,  Joe & Kyle Eckert, Denise Zirker, Jolene & Brett Royer,  Reg & Sharon Kozub, Shane Van Wasshnova (Diane is taking the pic) and in front:  April Viswanathan,  Patty Murray.


(iconnector: Diane Van Wasshnova)


4 Responses

  1. Hey Jonene and Brett!! What’s shakin?!! How fun to see yer pic on the blog! So is this the same group you guys have had for a while? Or is this one new and just related to the series?

    Me and Steve were talking about joining a small group ourselves and were torn between poppin into yours or Mike and Margie’s…You know them? Super cool like you guys!! But lo and behold, we ended up having our own! Although we may still pop in on you sometime when you least expect it. Oooh, or I know…OUR GROUP will crash YOUR group!! lol Would you like that?! Better have some extra dip on hand!! I’m sure you’ll have room …That’s a huge freakin couch ya’ll have! lol

    Anywho, just wanted to say “hey”. We just love you guys…We really do gotta make time to hang soon. We’ve been sayin that forever. Maybe we’ll get together and school ya…I mean enjoy some board games together! 😉

    Take care you crazy kids. See ya a church!!!
    Love Laura

  2. PS…ooopsy. I left the “L” out of yer name by accident Jolene. Feel free to leave the “R” out of mine if you write back.


  3. Lets give a round of applause for the small groups! I recognize Joe and Kyle. I had the pleasure of running sound at their wedding. I hope you are all getting alot out of your small group. I know I am. Big Love and continued success in the group and in general.

    God Bless! Eric

  4. Hey Eric!! Ya know what’s funny? You must’ve posted shortly after I did and when I read it, I thought to myself…”Hey, they’ve got an Eric in their group too”. Duh!! Didn’t even make the connection that you were our Eric!! HA. So yer a blog crasher too!!
    So how cool that you know people in their group too. Do you know Jolene and Brett? If not I’ll have to introduce you…They’re the best!
    And I’m with you boyfriend…YEA!!! To all the small groups!!!

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