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Connecting to Friends: Small Groups can change the world!!

Remember our Live Like You Were Dying series?   Remember when we highlighted on this blog the group that takes over sits in the first two rows on Sunday mornings?   For those of you that don’t remember,  Steve and Laura Urenda on a “whim” decided to step up and host a small group for this series.  JUST THIS SERIES.  Well… you know what comes next…God does what only he can do and they have decided to keep the small group going. 

oh my word.

I just finished reading a comment that Steve Urenda posted on what this group of awesome peeps have been up to…and its a must read.  Honestly,  I sat here crying tears of thankfulness for our God, for our church and for the obedience of this small group to follow His leading.

I encourage you to read Steve’s comment.   The little bit of time that it takes to read won’t be wasted.  You’ll be inspired and encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and follow God. 

Grab a coffee…oh and some Kleenex!  

Steve, Laura, Mary, Rick, Eric, Teri, Michele, David, Dan, Ginny, Steve and Allen — We are so proud of you guys!!  

We want to hear more stories about what God is doing in the lives of the people at Connection Church.  Talk to me!


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  1. Awe shucks Tami…I dunno what to say but THANK YOU for being so supportive! It’s like I’ve told our group…I dont know how long our lil group with last, but we’re gonna make the most of this season until we’re all called to something else. And I gotta say, I know you already get this but I just cannot tell you how exciting it is to get to watch eyes being opened. Ya know…When it moves from a “huh, this is interesting”…to “OMG, this is for real!!”, ya know what I mean? People are starting to open themselves up to really experiencing God and it’s just the COOLEST thing ever! So anywho…THANK YOU Miss Tami…Yer a good egg!

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