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connect the dots: it ALL matters in the BIG picture.

We so often think that giving a hug, warm smile, or remembering someones name (have you been to ECL?  If you have, you know what kind of memory Pastor Rocky has…in a word… F.R.E.A.K.Y.)  doesn’t really mean much.   But in the big picture, it means plenty.  It can literally be a gateway for someone taking their next steps to know God.

Here is a perfect example of how connecting the dots paints a bigger picture.

On Sunday a visitor shared some great insight while picking up his gift in the Connection Corner.   Follow this story with me and you’ll see that IT ALL MATTERS.

  • He tried getting sober once before but it didn’t work.
  • He attended our AA meeting (meets every Friday 7pm at CC) and this was different.
    “This meeting was different because God was in it.  I didn’t know about God or Jesus. But I met them there.” 
  • He also met Marty Gagern (Marty volunteers in our AA group) – “Each time I left, he looked me in the eye and said, “We want to see you next week.”
  • Max Hawn (Max volunteers on our Connection Team) called and invited him to Starting Point (Sundays at 930am.)
  • Men’s Ministry had a breakfast here on Saturday. (Lots of men volunteered to make that happen.)  Our friend attended the breakfast and sat next to this really friendly guy (RFG) who took a genuine interest in him.  Our friend was shocked that the same RFG was leading worship that morning yet still spent time with him.  
  • Our friend came to the Connection Corner on Sunday and Karen Carter (Karen volunteers in the corner) gave him his gift.  He wanted to know where the cafe’ was,  instead of just telling him where the cafe’ was, Karen  walked him to it. On their way they ran into the RFG (who happened to speak on Sunday) and the RFG remembered his name and was glad to see him.
  • Our friend’s last statement before he left on Sunday was this,  “This church is different because I’m wanted here.”

How amazing is this story?  Everyone working together for one goal.  That people would know Jesus. 

I’m so proud of the volunteers in our church.  Marty, Max, Karen and all the men who put time into making that breakfast happen. The coolest thing about volunteering is this: we know you don’t have to … you choose to.   Over 400 “choose to” each week.  

I realize there are people who have attended Connection Church for awhile now and still assume the role of guest. 

If I can be honest, you are missing out.  

There is an open invitation for you to “choose to” — and you’ll never regret being used by God.

Big Picture, it ALL matters.


4 Responses

  1. That’s amazing Tam! Thanks so much for sharing! Not gonna lie…I teared up a little bit! Hooray to everyone involved for being the church and not just going to church 🙂

  2. Lisa, Yep!!! Thank YOU for being one of those that “choose to” — 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, this has not been my experience.

    When I first started attending, I checked the sections of the connection card to inform the church of my interests. I was only contacted by the childrens ministries.

    I approached a worship leader about joining the worship team and was directed to an internet application.

    I have sat alone in the lobby in tears as people, including church leaders, walked on by.

    I have offered to help with the set up, bring snacks and/or serve in anyway for a special children service. I was asked for my name and number and never received a call.

    I begin conversation with individuals around me while waiting for childrens services to complete or in a weekly group I attend. If I am not the one to begin that conversation, it does not happen.

    My husband has expressed the very same concerns and states this as one of the reasons he rarely attends. It is because of my children and my constant hope that things will change that I continue to come to Connection Church rather than a smaller, more personal church. I am feeling very disconnected.

  4. Hi,

    I’m so sorry this has been your experience at Connection Church…this is definitely not an experience that meets our mutual expectation.

    I don’t have a way to reach you since the comment was anonymously left. But if you would be so kind to email me at Tami@connectionchurch.info that would be a great help. Again, I’m sorry that you are feeling so disconnected. We can change that but I need to know who you are.

    Thank you so much…

    Tami Frailey
    Connection Director

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