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VISTA: Power of Team

Rocky threw a party hosted our second VISTA session (Vision, Information, Skill Training, Application) for our fantastic, incredible, out of this world Ministry Leaders tonight.   We have just over a hundred volunteers who carry the charge of running a ministry (team or small group ).

The theme was Power of Team  and we served up a “ballpark bonanza banquet”  — including hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy and ice cream sandwhiches.    Did I mention cotton candy?   When in doubt serve sugah…its a winner everytime.  🙂

Here is a play-by-play of the evening. 

  •           “This is the greatest church in the whole world”  – Steve Urenda 
                                     (Obviously, an icecream  sandwhich man)
  •           If you’ve been in ministry awhile, you’ve experienced the thrill of victory and agony and of defeat.  (Rocky)
  •           “My team makes me better than I am “  (Rocky)
  •           Good Hot Dog – Thanks, George Favazza (me)
  •           “I have a thick Italian skull”   (Rocky)
  •           Anything worthwhile is worth finding time for. (Rocky)
  •           “What do you call that thing?”  (Rocky)   “TRUNK”    (crowd)
  •           Lettuce?  No, Cabbage!   (had to be here.)
  •           Cotton Candy is being consumed in various quantities.
  •            “Grab them, trade them, whatever you do. “  (Rocky)
  •            “I have the spiritual gift of assumption.”  (Rocky)
  •           Production determines the potential of the team.  (Rocky)
  •           Why don’t you talk about that a bit, Dave.  (Rocky)
  •           Clap, clap, clap for Jeremy and James – great connection and transitioning Youth     Seniors to Young Adults!!!
  •           God determines what the next level is but we need to prepare for it.  (Rocky)
  •           We love God,  we love people, we solve problems, we take hits (Rocky)
  •           Be a servant leader. (Rocky)  
  •           Our Pastor is a servant leader. (me)
  •          Nancy and I are just guys,  you know what I mean.  (Rocky)
  •         As a team the greatest thing you can do is take a hill for God,  the second greatest  thing is to share a failure.  (Rocky)
  •         Status quo does not please God.   (Rocky) 
  •         Connection Church Baseballs for all attendees   — Yay Team!

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