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Connection, You’ve Got Talent Tuesday!

The rumors are true.  Connection, you’ve got talent!  
Send us your videos (juggling, kids being cute, you know the usual) and you too could have a spotlight on Talent Tuesday!

Connecting to Friends,  Jamie Forsyth &  Christie Martin


4 Responses

  1. hey! That’s me!

    but, hey everyone.. my name’s spelled like Jaimee. Just in case, one day, I get famous… I’ll want my name to be spelled correctly on stuff.

  2. Whose that scarecrow in the background?

  3. Uh, I mean “who’s”

    I got good grammar.

  4. gee have I mentioned that within the pews of connection church rests a mighty juggernaut of righteous heavy rock music??!!??

    that’s right kids! MEDISIN WHEEL is alive and thriving and making some moves! We’re currently in the studio cutting our debut album and are gearing up for live shows in the very near future.

    MediSin Wheel is designed for crossover appeal to attract secular listeners and those within the body who might want something meaty and loud.

    the songs are geared toward topical subject matter as opposed to straight praise type tunes, we feel our calling is toward the unchurched who don’t speak the language of the everyday christian, and instead speak the language of the street: addiction, propoganda, sexual trappings, vacant spirituality, and social pressures are the norms for subject matter with this band, and we’ve set up a website and e-newsletter called “Scream Out Loud” for those of you who may be interested in keeping tabs on the what’s doin with MediSin Wheel. all you have to do is go here:


    and then click on the “Scream out Loud” tab on the website, which will directed you to sign up for the e-newsletter via your email address. If you sign up you’ll receive a follow up email with the heading “A new rebellion against the god’s of this world”. Follow the prompt on the email to authorize the e-newsletter and bingo bango, your in.

    right now we’ve got two taster tester songs on the website:

    1) Everybody Knows – which is a commentary on the current struggles of today that we don’t like to talk about


    2) WEIGHT – which is a first person narrative on the struggle between the flesh and the spirit and the moments we are unwilling and yet know God is calling us to better things.

    come on down to camp MediSin Wheel and say hi. There is a “Leave Your Mark” tab on the website where you can post comments, etc. We’ve also recently submitted those songs to Motor City Riffs on WRIF radio through an invite from Anne Carlini herself…..pray them DJ’s at WRIF like what they hear!!!

    see ya,

    Steve Urenda and the boyz at MediSin Wheel

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