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iconnect: MOPS

For the longest time I’d hear about MOPS and I wasn’t sure if it was a cleaning ministry in the church or what it was exactly. 

And then one day…my world opened up to the wonderful ministry that is MOPS.  I was asked to speak at one of their meetings and what I saw was pretty awesome.  I saw tired Mommies served a hot meal, engage in some adult conversation,  cry or laugh — whatever their morning dialed into, and best of all — they were shown that they aren’t alone in this thing called MOMMYhood.  Just like Jesus, MOPS meets people right where they are. And for some Mommies…its a life filled with no sleep, baby spit, and lots of self-doubt.  

Do you have any Mothers of Preschoolers in your life?   Contact Karen Botros at kbrandfass@yahoo.com for more information on MOPS at Connection Church. 

Seriously.  Do it today.

(iconnect: Iris Ramierz)


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