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Welcome to the online community of  Connection Church!  Thats right – our blog, Connect!  Our hope is that through what is shared on this blog will allow you to see what “connecting” is all about.   In other words, it’s all the connection goodness you could ever hope for or dream of!

You’ll notice that the atmosphere around our blog is relaxed.  We’re just real people, dealing with real stuff, wanting you to connect to God, Friends, and Service.   Hopefully this blog will encourage you to take another step towards those pivitol connection avenues.

There is one thing you’ll need to know about this blog — when I say, “ours” I mean “OURS”… as in…we want to know whats going on in your world of connection.    We’ll share whats going on from our perch but more importantly we want to see whats going on from yours.   You’ll have opportunities to share your “iconnect” video and pics with us.   




It’s simple.  Take pictures and video of connection happening in your world (cell phone on the fly works too) and send them to me at tami@connectionchurch.info.  Or to make things really easy — picture mail them to my cell phone (please email me for that info directly– are you crazy…I’m not going to post my cell phone number!) 

Join the conversation,



8 Responses

  1. Hello everyone,

    I grew up in the Garfield sub in Livonia. My parents use to go to Rock’y shows when he was an Elvis impersonator. In 2001 I attended a Church service out of curiousity, to see if Rocky was the same guy who used to be the Elvis impersonator. In his sermon he made reference to his Elvis impersonation days. In January of 2006 I attended the Church on Sheldon Rd. I thought maybe “The Connection” would be a place where I could get connected with some work. Since 2001 I have been working through an employment agency as a laborer. I also have a lot of office/computer experience and sales.


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  3. Hi Church Staff,
    My daughter’s god father would like to contact Pastor Rocky about speaking at his church or a Minster Dave Stephen. Is there anyway he can contact the pastor? By phone or email.

    Thanks Bro Larry

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