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Connection Service Project

“When we grasp that church isn’t the building and that we  — you — me — believers are the church and live our lives accordingly…
life begins to change. ”   
We have a unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone in need. 
When Harmony Dust was a special guest at Connection a few weekends ago she shared with us her story of finding God and leaving the Sex Industry.    It was a powerful message of hope in the midst of a perfect storm of someone feeling hurt, devalued and ashamed.
We have an opportunity to help someone who has recently left the local sex industry.   Read this excerpt below from an email received today…
I have a friend who has recently left the harmony dust life and is struggling to reach an independent self-supporting stage because she’s never had any training besides “the club”  training so getting a real job has not yet worked out. She has a waitress gig at 2 places if she can get a car. 
Her immediate needs are: a clunker car to purchase (she has $400 dollars saved up), firewood (ten people with 5 bucks in their pocket could help me purchase a cord of wood) and canned/dried food.

I have a pickup, I’ll do the dirty work, does anybody feel the burden to help a “Harmony Dust” in Wixom leave the life behind? 

Wow.  What an opportunity to help someone know the same Jesus who met you and me…exactly where we were.   We can point her to Jesus by meeting her right where she is…help her start a new, pure, whole life in Christ.  If you would like to partner with us in this awesome ministry opportunity…we want to give you the chance… please email us at CSP@connectionchurch.info.

Mailbag: Are you pointing people to Christ with how you live?


I love this kind of mail!   I received this today from someone who doesn’t attend Connection Church.   They received it from someone who visited on Sunday.

“Also, I talked to someone Sunday at Connection that told me before church they saw a women holding a baby and pushing a stroller and she was crying on the side of the road. Do you know what they did? They stopped and picked her up, got her something to eat and took her home. That just touched my heart because that is the church!”


mailbag: Heroes.

We received this note last week from Steve Darr our volunteer extraordinaire who runs Open Door Ministry (our food pantry) on Thursday nights.

“Quite a story about the plane crash yesterday…but let me share with you our own hero story from last night.  It was about 9:30pm and temperatures outside were around 1 degree above zero.  (We had other heroes who braved the frigid temperatures also to help others but that is another story.)  Anyhow there were just a few of us left in the building when two boys and their Dad walked in through the front door of ODM, obviously quite cold.   The boys immediately ripped off their shoes to reveal socks that were completely covered with snow and ice.  It turns out that the three of them had been to ODM earlier to get food and had a flat tire on Sheldon Rd.  They walked from Sheldon to Lilley in the snow and frigid temperatures.

One of our ODM heroes saw their situation and went upstairs to see if we had some warm dry socks for the boys and thankfully we did. Within minutes of their arrival our volunteer was on his knees helping the boys out of their wet cold socks and rubbing their feet to bring warmth to them.    Putting dry socks on their feet and new boots (that had just been donated this week) the boys were shown the love of Christ in a very real way.

Looking over at this scene and watching our volunteer care for their feet reminded me of Jesus washing His disciples feet. It was a scene I won’t forget.  I think those boys will remember for years to come — how they walked through the snow in near zero temps and a stranger rubbed their cold feet and put warm socks on them. ”   — Steve Darr,  ODM

Everyday in ways too numerous to count,  God is using the people of Connection Church to connect others to Christ.    I read a quote once that has stuck with me,  “Want to go deeper?  You are only as deep as the last person you’ve served.”


We received some great feedback this week from people taking a step in serving for the first time.    Ordinary people,  just like you and me,  who are making a statement by their involvement that says, “Being a Christian is no longer just about me. ” 

“Just to let you know I volunteered yesterday at [ODM] the Center for families in need. I did intakes and prayed with many people. It was very rewarding and I will be there every Thursday helping out and working for God. I have been blessed! “


“I think I found what I was supposed to be doing all along.  I want to be a part of things at Connection Church, just not sit in a chair each Sunday.  Serving in the office helps me do that. “


“I’m joining the Connection Ministry not only to help others get connected, but so I can get connected with others.”  
Are you currently connected through serving at Connection Church?   If yes,  THANK YOU!  If not, pray for God to change your “want to” regarding your priorities.   He will.  


I love hearing and seeing what God is doing in lives at Connection Church.   We received this note today on the current series, “Live Like You Were Dying” and I thought I would pass it along.  This is exactly why we do what we do…we’re so glad we get to do life with all of you.    Lets all be alert for  what God is trying to do in and through us.   Read on, friends!
Hello Pastor Rocky,
Yes, I have enjoyed this series so much that it has been life changing!!!! I have called people I have not talked to in a long time, cleaned out things (basement, garage) and threw away things that I had been saving for I don’t know what. 
I am so thankful that I found your church Rocky!  You have the most unbelievably, talented christian people working for you that I have ever seen.  I was raised Catholic and had been attending a Catholic church until last year Mother’s Day. I just felt I needed something else in my life to make it worthwhile (to find what) I felt I was missing.  It was your church!!  I have never felt this close to God before and I am 44 years old and I feel that right now are the best years of my life.  I hope you know how much you are needed and how much I appreciate the service that is held at 11:15 on Sundays.  THANK YOU!! And I will keep living each day like I was dying.”

Mailbag: Live Like You Were Dying

We recieved this email today and just had to share it! This is really neat.  

Dearest Rocky,
I just wanted to tell you my great news.  The new series you have started has reawakened my husband’s faith!  I’ve been trying to lead him back, but he seems to be going through the paces just for me (he loves me.)  But he called me tonight from out of town and said that 6 people saw his key chain (from Sunday’s service) and as he was telling them about it — he realized how much he was getting from it himself!

He said your sermon has totally renewed his faith!  He also said that their conversation about it, turned into about a 3 hr discussion that interested them so much they all wanted a key chain from last week!!!  Then he thanked me for being so paitent while I lead him back into Jesus’ hands!  Thank you!  You have no idea how much I wanted this.  He is my best friend and I really want him to be with me for eternity.

How awesome is that?   I can’t wait until Sunday…


I received this note this morning and wanted to share it with you…

“I feel blessed to be a member of Connection Church. I feel the Lord has directed me there.  The Prime Timers have been a real “connection” for friendship and Bible study both.   Last Sunday, my daughter and granddaughter were talking about the message that Rocky had just given us and how powerful it was.  Go, Rocky, you really give us what we need!”     Phyllis T.

                                           What steps are you taking to get connected?