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Connecting to Friends: Small Groups can change the world!!

Remember our Live Like You Were Dying series?   Remember when we highlighted on this blog the group that takes over sits in the first two rows on Sunday mornings?   For those of you that don’t remember,  Steve and Laura Urenda on a “whim” decided to step up and host a small group for this series.  JUST THIS SERIES.  Well… you know what comes next…God does what only he can do and they have decided to keep the small group going. 

oh my word.

I just finished reading a comment that Steve Urenda posted on what this group of awesome peeps have been up to…and its a must read.  Honestly,  I sat here crying tears of thankfulness for our God, for our church and for the obedience of this small group to follow His leading.

I encourage you to read Steve’s comment.   The little bit of time that it takes to read won’t be wasted.  You’ll be inspired and encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and follow God. 

Grab a coffee…oh and some Kleenex!  

Steve, Laura, Mary, Rick, Eric, Teri, Michele, David, Dan, Ginny, Steve and Allen — We are so proud of you guys!!  

We want to hear more stories about what God is doing in the lives of the people at Connection Church.  Talk to me!


iconnect: Small Groups @ Connection Church

I am so excited…this blog is starting to really take shape.  When we launched just a few months ago our hope was that this blog would show what connection looks like– not just from our perch but from yours!   That is really starting to happen – and we love it!!  Keep it coming, iconnectors!!

We’ve heard from ANOTHER small group,  Brett & Jolene Royer host a group in their home and Iconnector, Diane Van Wasshnova, sent in this pic of their group.   Thanks, Diane!!

Those connecting to friends and God through this small group are:  Sam Viswanathan,  Joe & Kyle Eckert, Denise Zirker, Jolene & Brett Royer,  Reg & Sharon Kozub, Shane Van Wasshnova (Diane is taking the pic) and in front:  April Viswanathan,  Patty Murray.


(iconnector: Diane Van Wasshnova)

iconnect: Live Like You Were Dying Small Groups

Remember when we talked about the small group piece to our LLYWD series?   Steve and Laura Urenda were among over 100 people to say, “I’ll do it!”   They are hosting a small group for the LLYWD series.   They used this series to test-drive a small group and the response within the group has been very, very positive.  

LLYWD Urenda Small Group

LLYWD Urenda Small Group

Connecting to God and Friends:  backrow: Mary Gutowsky, Laura Urenda, Steve Urenda, Rick Ramsden middle row: Eric Turczyn, Teri Johnson, Michele Dalton, David Dalton, front row:  Dan Marler, Ginny Marler, Steve Johnson and Allen Lilly.

Side Note:  You’ll be hard pressed to find a group of more committed people to attending Sunday Service, then this bunch.   They take over sit in the first two rows, middle section each Sunday morning during the 11:15am service.   You can almost set your watch to them.    You can see the love of Jesus in their smiles and eyes.  Each at a different place on their journey but all headed the same way.  THANK YOU TO LAURA URENDA for sending in this pic.

(iconnect: Laura Urenda)

Live Like You Were Dying: Home Studies

Another element to our LLYWD series is the Small Group piece.  For the next four weeks we are offering Small Group home studies that continue the conversation from Sunday Service with DVD teachings and in-depth discussion.  

Last week we had well over a hundred people take their first step in test driving a Small Group by committing to four weeks attendance.   That is awesome!!   The intimacy and support that so many of us are seeking in our lives can be found in a small group setting. 

So often what happens is this:

  • We often attend Sunday Services faithfully.  (Which is a good thing.)
  • But we do nothing else to get connected. (Which is a not-so-good thing.) 
  • Then we scratch our heads and wonder where are all of those close relationships we hear so much about are in our own lives. (ouch!)
  • We get frustrated, we blame our church, and then we claim,  “I just couldn’t get connected, there.”  The opportunities to be connected are limitless at Connection Church.  Limitless.  Think about how much is offered here…bowling league,  MOPS, bible study, rocking babies on a Wednesday in the nursery,  the list goes on and on.   Small Groups is just one way.  

I’m off my soapbox (for now)… I get passionate about people.  🙂  While I go drink some cold water,  check out this video with Roy Thomas and Bev Carlson…connection…its where its at baby!