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Soul Stretch Christian Yoga – First Class FREE tonight at 7:30!


January 7 – February 10 at Connection

To kick off 2013, we will be utilizing the book:

Detox Your Spiritual Life in 40 Days

to help renew our physical,

emotional, and spiritual well-being. Just as detox uses a

healthy routine to shed toxins that stop your life reaching its

full potential, Peter Graystone’s book is designed to help do

away with things that hold back your relationship with God.

On this journey we will break habits, let go of failures, and put regrets in the past. In

their place, we will make wise choices, strengthen relationships, and enjoy being a

Christian all over again. Because the practice is completely realistic about the

muddle and struggle of everyday life, it will leave you full of energy to follow Jesus joyfully.

• $60 enrollment provides unlimited yoga during the 40 days at all of our locations.

• Price increases to $66 after January 1, though anyone may join at any time.


Leadership Summit @ Connection Church in Canton Michigan

In case you haven’t heard — Connection Church has been selected to be a host site for Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit – Lead Where You Are conference.    If you are a leader (home, office, ministry…)  you won’t regret investing in yourself  — register for the Summit. (They are offering a super incredible rate of just $75  if you attend CC. )

Seriously.  You won’t regret investing in yourself.

Is there a young leader in your life?  You won’t regret investing in them either.

On a personal note, the Leadership Summit has played a part of my own story.  Pass the popcorn…

I had been volunteering at my church (Tri-City at the time, now Connection Church) for a few years. During that time God was beginning to unravel the call He had placed on my life for vocational ministry.  I didn’t know it at time (but really — do we ever really know what God is up to when its happening… I certainly never set out to work at a church..I loved my job. )   So, there I was enjoying the fruits of an established career and serving God in my church.   Whistling down the road if you will.   I was about to take a detour.

In the early summer of 2005, Rocky Barra, (our Lead Pastor) asked me to leave my 18 yr career with AAA and give my life to serving God.   What?  For real.   Yep, the real enchilada. Its easy to say how much we trust God and how we’ll do anything for Him — its  a bit different when God takes you up on it.  Its alot different to say, “Yes”  when He calls—  classroom faith is one thing — asked to go on a field trip  with your faith — entirely different.   Anybody?

While I was “thinking it over” — smart man that he is – Rocky invited me to attend the Leadership Summit along with him and other staff that August.  I took two days off of work and attended.

I’ll never forget it …when Rick Warren began speaking about laying down your staff (your reputation, your money – everything you think validates you) and trust God — only then will he work a miracle through your life.  Strangely, I felt like it was just me and God in that filled auditorium. Nobody else knew in that room what I was getting ready to do – accept a job for less money, less “cushion”, less human reward.   Listening to Rick’s message, tears running down my face – I knew without a doubt that what Rocky saw in me was what God saw in me – I resigned from my position within the next few weeks. That was 4 yrs ago.

God met me at the Summit.

Has God been stirring something in you to take the next step with Him?

Are you in a dry season with God and need to be stirred?

Join hundreds of people at Connection in August for the Summit…