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    It's an end of an era.  So long, Polaroid! It's only fitting that the last Polaroid taken be of our beloved Pastor.  #newcomersclass #ecl #springhill #daycamp coming soon!!! #weareconnection Learning secrets today! #weareconnection Full of connectors tonight @connection3855 for our Wednesday Summer Series on Genesis.  #weareconnection David Stephens • Associate Pastor • Creative Arts Director • Husband • Father • Worship • Golf • Oklahoma Sooners • American Ninja Warrior  #meettheteam #weareconnection We welcomed Manny & Iris #Ramirez home to @connection3855 this wknd.  #God #realdeal #denver #NFL #broncos #football Lisa Hildebrandt •  Creative Arts Team •  CGgirls Tech Team •  Avid Reader •  Detroit Tigers •  Community •  Music #weareconnection #meettheteam "We the redeemed, hear us singing..." Join us this Sun 915 & 1115 @connection3855 ! #worship #connection #canton #church #God Connectors, have a safe holiday.  #weremember Al Paulauski • Campus Pastor •  Husband • Dad • All Things Chicago •. Orange Champion • Baseball #meettheteam #weareconnection
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Global Leadership Summit @ Connection

Leadership Summit

Living For One: New Singles Ministry

All singles are welcome to Living for One!

Singles Ministry

Mother’s Day


Easter Services @ Connection “Amazing Grace”

Amazing Grace bulletin


Join us at 830am, 10am & 1130am for our Easter Celebration Services !

Congratulations, Pastor Rocky!

Celebrating 25 years of your leadership today!


World Vision: Water for Life

Awesome response to Team World Vision Sunday. We had 44 commitment cards turned in. There is still plenty of time to join. If we reach our goal of 50 Marathon Runners, and each team member raises $2,000, we will raise $100,000 for clean water in Africa. That means 2,000 people will have WATER FOR LIFE. That’s what “making a difference” looks like. Our respect to you all! This is going to be a life-changing experience for US.


Man Church: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Church


 “The problem is a man problem, not a social, political, economical, or religious problem”, says Mikie Bartee, Pastor of Development at Connection Church and Man Church Leader.  “If a man embraces his responsibility as a Father or Husband instead of choosing a selfish option, this problem literally goes away.  This is a solvable problem and we are going to put a lot of resources into solving it.  We know it’s not going to happen overnight, so we are going to mentor young men, help kids without a Dad and serve single Moms while we reach out to and train men”   According to Bartee,  Man Church will be open to any man who wants to make a difference in his home and community. He does not have to attend Connection Church or even like church.  The 90 minute gathering will consist of 30 minutes of teaching and 45 minutes of discussion on issues that affect today’s man.  Bartee describes it as, “Hard hitting, efficient and on point.  We will start on time, end on time, and rally men around a cause.  This ain’t your Grandma’s church”.


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