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    Connectors, the creative artist who did this caricature of Dave Stephens please step forward! We love it! You are awesome! #weareconnection Worship this morning at Connection Church #weareconnection Yup, Elsa & Tink were at The World's Greatest Picnic today.  #weareconnection #disney 300 leaders are gathering at Connection for #gls14 Where would we be without This guy today @gls14 Our #wgls14 tech team being led by this guy, Dave Stephens! Big Connection welcome to Concordia University to #gls14 ! #leaders #gls14 is happening in Canton Mi! Connection Church is ready! It's an end of an era.  So long, Polaroid! It's only fitting that the last Polaroid taken be of our beloved Pastor.  #newcomersclass #ecl #springhill #daycamp coming soon!!! #weareconnection
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God’s Not Dead!

Free Movie Night

Top 10 Reasons

From Experience Connection Lunch

Preaching- it’s practical

Worship Music

Over all ambiance

People are very friendly

Rocky’s an old High School friend :)

For a big place, everyone is really friendly

My 13 yr old loves the YOUTH program

Single’s Service on Saturday Nights

Modern Connection – I can use this knowledge every day

People have freedom to worship however they’d like

Not for our glory but as a welcome mat for people to meet Jesus.   

World’s Greatest Picnic! Sunday, August 31st 1pm – 4pm

World's Greatest Picnic (1)Be sure to pick up your winning ticket after Sunday Service in the mallway!


World’s Greatest Picnic: Elsa & Tink will be there!

PICS with Princess

Global Leadership Summit @ Connection

Leadership Summit

Living For One: New Singles Ministry

All singles are welcome to Living for One!

Singles Ministry

Mother’s Day



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